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Learn to write a perfect summary in Summarise spoken text.

Learn to draft an answer in Summarise spoken text after expert's guidance on sentence structure, number of words, task content, grammar range, variety of words, and lexical inputs.

Answer Multiple choice, choose multiple answers effectively

Multiple options are given on your screen and you need to choose more than one option based on the audio clip you hear. You need to select all the options that you think are true for the recording. Scan through all the options as quickly as possible. It will be then easy for you to select the relevant options.

Understand the methods to solve the Listening: Fill in the Blanks with Activities

Learn about the different methods to fill the blanks of the questions given as passages. Understand the importance of spelling and grammar in Listening: fill in the blanks, learn to frame the sentences based on the keywords.

Learn the techniques to solve Highlight correct summary and Select missing words.

Get in-detail knowledge about the low-weighted tasks of the Listening Module. Solve different types of questions in Select missing words and Highlight correct summary with the expert and build the understanding of attempting the tasks.

Learn about the Multiple choice, choose single answers

After listening to a recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting one response.

Rigorous practice can help to answer Highlight incorrect words correctly

You need to select the word from the written transcript that is different from the speech in the audio clip. Left-clicking is used to highlight the word

Get good scores in Write from Dictation by following the easy strategies

Get detailed insights on tackling the complex sentences in the Write from Dictation. Also, learn about the importance of the task in the exam. Learn about the sentence structure approach from the expert to increase the scores in the Listening and Writing Module.

Learn to answer Multiple choice, choose single answer

Only one response from many given is correct. Choose the correct one after reading the passage. Find the keywords and understand the context after developing skimming and scanning skills.

Answer Multiple choice, choose multiple answers in experts’ way.

More than one response is correct from many given. Choose the correct ones after reading the passage. Read before and after the blank to get a better idea of the context.

Connecting words help to answer Reorder paragraphs

On the left-hand side, many sentences or paragraphs will be placed in random order. Drag and drop them to the right side in the correct order. Focus on the connecting words

Reading Fill in the blanks: Improve with practice.

The passage that appears on the screen will have several gaps. Below the passage, you have different words. Drag and drop the words that you think are correct and fill the blanks

Reading and writing Fill in the blanks

From a drop-down box, choose the correct word that you think should be the correct answer for the sentence with the gap.

With pronunciation and Oral Fluency improve Answer Short Questions

Know the importance of Oral fluency and Pronunciation skills for speaking scores. Get the theoretical and practical knowledge on improving the way of speaking. Learn in detail about the Answer short questions.

Build the confidence of attempting the Read Aloud.

Learn about the strategies and methods of speaking the passage based on the expert's guidance and Sample Answers. Also, understand the enabling skills included in the task.

Learn to remember the sentences in Repeat Sentences exactly.

Take the experts' suggestions and remember the sentences implementing different strategies to fulfill the task's requirements. Also, practice the most repeated questions in the exams.

Learn the ways to describe different types of images.

Fulfill the task's requirements and get good grades in all the questions of Describe image. Get the precise information from the expert to speak about the images using the right methods and strategies.

Get good scores in Speaking and Listening from Retell lecture.

Learn to speak like a native speaker without any hesitation after the expert advice. Learn about the different types of most repeated questions frequently asked in the exams.

Summarise Written text effectively with pro tips & practice

With experts’ tips and practice, you can learn to summarise it in the word limit. You can copy and paste to keep the context intact. Learn how to write the summary with one full stop.

Learn to write the essay in the right format to score better

You do not have to write only an essay of 200 words; it should also be written with a correct format of four paragraphs. With the experts’ tips know how to answer it effectively; whether you should include one argument statement or two.

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